31 May 2022

A token of gratitude from Sub-Cool Fm to Crawley Open House of 6 internal air conditioning units and 3 outdoor condensers is well underway. This donation will give The Crawley Open House brand-new resource centre a climate-controlled environment for staff and clients alike.   Crawley Open House has strived to support those experiencing the effects […]

10 Jan 2019
Congratulations to the winner of our competition and thank you to all those who helped support Crawley Open House On December 21st we announced the winner of our £3k state-of-the-art air-conditioning unit complete with installation. This give-away was part of our campaign to help raise funds for the incredible Crawley Open House, a charity supporting [...]
25 Sep 2018
Autumn Air conditioning sale
Autumn Sale on air-conditioning solutions - up to 15% off We're often asked, when is the best time to install air-conditioning? Having been asked this many times we put together a Vlog at the Sandown exhibition for our YouTube channel to answer it. Naturally everyone thinks about air-conditioning mid-summer when the heatwave hits, but the [...]
28 Aug 2018
Quality Air-Conditioning
Why it's worth spending more on quality air-conditioning There are hundreds of different air-conditioning units available on the market. At SubCoolFm, we don't supply hundreds though. We only supply the best-in-class quality air-conditioning products, which we have cherry picked for you. We've put together a short Vlog that explains the difference between quality units and [...]
26 Jul 2018
Air-con stops heatwaves frying your brain
Heatwaves fry your brain, it’s official! Air-con keeps you productive. After the long spell of super-hot temperatures, we’ve all felt the effects. Even those of us who’ve enjoyed soaking up a few rays have turned tired, grumpy and found it hard to focus when trying to work or concentrate. A study from Harvard University has [...]
17 Jul 2018
The current heatwave is lasting longer than anyone could have imagined for a British summer, and whilst we want to make the most of it, it’s probably safe to say that the initial thrill has worn off and many of us are desperately looking for more long-term coping mechanisms. At Sub-Cool FM, we maintain that [...]
31 May 2018
Mitsubishi Business Solutions Partner
Did you know? Sub-Cool FM is a Mitsubishi Business Solutions Partner, this means that you can trust us as one of Mistubishi's highest regarded installers, we will provide a guaranteed high-level of air conditioning installation service. You'll also get up to 7 years' warranty on Mistubishi systems and the best quality aftercare. We have been awarded [...]
27 Feb 2018

Installing air conditioning is becoming common practice in many offices, in order to keep employees cool, clear-headed and to boost productivity. Air conditioning systems are also popular in cafes, bars, restaurants and hotels, where a comfortable temperature is crucial in keeping guests satisfied and wanting to stick around. Sub-Cool FM have installed a wide ranges […]

15 Feb 2018

Choosing the right place to live is a hugely important decision that could have a significant impact on you and your family or anyone moving with you. There are a whole host of factors to consider when making this decision. How you prioritise will depend on your individual situation: are you looking for good schools? […]