Small Business Air Conditioning Crawley

The Details

Small Business Air Conditioning Crawley

Client Requirement

Our Client requested a Crawley based Air Conditioning company to carry out a full installation. Out of three companies we were chosen based on our new 2017 Small Business Air Conditioning Crawley

Lazer-world required a cost-effective solution without the need to install poor value equipment.

Understanding each client individually

We were the only contractor to offer our client a cost-effective approach while ensuring the client had a “fit for purpose” system

Small Business Air Conditioning Crawley

The finished product “Going against the norm”

The Reception area is used up to 12 hours a day, to counter this we recommended the best brand system on the market,  2 x Mitsubishi Electric units

Alongside wi-fi mobile control the client can ensure a warm reception during the winter months & effortless cooling during the summer. Any concerns of units being “left on” can be eliminated with a push of a button on the mobile.

  • Wi-Fi Mobile phone control
  • 3 Year warranty

The main arena used for 6 hours a day was given a less branded TOSHIBA system. Lesser branded BUT superior quality. Supplied with 3 year parts warranties.

  • 3 year warranty
  • Low part replacement cost
  • Easy to diagnosis repairs

“Trust Sub-Cool FM for a Cost-Effective Solution”

A cost-effective solution can sometimes mean “the most expensive solution”

By using less quality brands may get a low-cost installation but in the long run it could catch up with you. Several brands are less costly but the hidden costs are when things go wrong. Many brands have extremely unrealistic part replacement costs, which in turn usually means a full replacement.


As Air Conditioning engineers, we refuse to install poor quality brands (unless requested) with poor quality life spans just to win work, we have worked with hundreds of brands over the past 15 years & most defiantly know the GOOD from the BAD “You most certainly get what you pay for in the long run”

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