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Sub Cool FM Air Conditioning

Why Residential Customers Use Us

  • Unrivalled Engineer Experience

  • Unrivalled personal approach

  • Unrivalled installation rates for residential customers

  • Unrivalled 100% customer satisfaction

  • Unrivalled organisation & Tidiness

Why Commercial Clients Use Us

  • Unrivalled industry trusted systems

  • Unrivalled relationship with manufacturers

  • Unrivalled service experience

  • Unrivalled Respect in the Air Conditioning industry

  • Unrivalled Advice

Corporate Suppliers Trust us

  • All of our engineers are up to date trained with an added bonus of courtesy and politeness.

Residential Air Conditioning Brighton, Crawley, Surrey, Sussex

Residential Air Conditioning Brighton, Crawley, Surrey, Sussex

We are a Crawley based Air Conditioning company covering all areas in the South East of England.

Residential Air Conditioning is becoming more & more popular, in the UK with many home owners taking the Leap for various reasons.

  • Heating & Cooling those cold Conservatories
  • Cooling your well insulated loft conversions
  • An affordable way to Heat & Cool extensions without the need to put that added strain on your boiler
  • The increased energy savings over using a boiler
  • To Increase the value of your homes.
  • WIFI Control

Our number 1 goal for our Residential customers are:

“A fair price without a compromise in quality, this doesn’t & shouldn’t ever mean a poor service with poor quality equipment.”

Why Sub Cool FM?

  • Larger A/C Companies in the area regularly use us to carry out works on their behalf due to our high technical knowledge. Cut out the middleman.

Residential Air Conditioning- variety

We provide the best in class system to residential clients with unrivalled attention. We believe in understanding the many pros & cons of different models in which  we can tailor each requirement. We are not salesman for certain brands. By giving honest advice from an engineer’s point of view, & practicality point of view we aim to gain your trust & ensure we leave each residential customer 100% Satisfied.

“Air Conditioning can be affordable”

Brands we work with