Residential Air Conditioning Crawley
Residential Air Conditioning Crawley

Installation of 4 air conditioning units in Crawley home

Client’s requirements

The client booked surveys from several different companies, of which we were the first to attend. They were looking for:

  • Installation of four units
  • Wi-fi / mobile app control
  • Quiet units with the possibility of motion control
  • Highly efficient to run and reliable units

Our commitment to keep up-to-date with the latest technologies across the residential and commercial sectors ensured we could  give the client the perfect solution, all with Sub-Cool FM’s personal touch.


As standard conceal all external pipework in black drain-like trunking to ensure the entire system is discreet, tidy and professional. Not only does this look great, it keeps your neighbours happy!

During the installation process, we always triple sheet indoor areas to ensure all our client’s assets and belongings are fully covered and protected. In addition, we use a specialist hoover to eliminate any dust.

Residential Air Conditioning Crawley
Residential Air Conditioning Crawley
Residential Air Conditioning Crawley

Silence is golden

It was important to our client that they were able to sleep well at night with the unit running. We provided a system which boasted ground-level motion detecting units which switch off when the room becomes unoccupied, as well as being one of the quietest units on the market.

Great price

Due to Sub-CoolFM using our own installation engineers rather than subcontractors, we are able to keep costs considerably lower than our competitors. Additionally, our warranties range between 3-10 years with a full comprehensive service package, ensuring the client is getting the most for their money.

Quick turnaround

The initial phone call, survey and completed works all took place within  21-days.

Customer testimonial

“Extremely impressed all around – would definitely recommend Sub-CoolFM.

Jacob listened to my detailed requirements and used his experience to guide me to the best solution.

His quote was much much lower than the other quote I got from another company and for a better system.

Jacob, Phil and Ricardo were all very polite, punctual  – including replying to emails out of hours and at the weekend – and obviously care about doing a top quality job.”