Air conditioning, installation, service and maintenance for Hampshire

Sub-Cool Fm is an air conditioning provider serving a full range of customers in Hampshire. Offering the best standards in the industry our reach across the South-East is widening, with engineers in all corners.

We can provide domestic solutions from single units, to ducted or hidden systems to full mechanical ventilation and heat recovery systems. Our commercial experience spans single-room offices, restaurants, and gyms to vast public venues, hotels and large corporate requirements including chillers, refrigeration and more.

As one of the largest South-East counties and with 1750 hours of sunshine, we supply and maintain homes and business across Hampshire with air conditioning and alternative heating systems. We’ve installed a full range of systems in Southampton, Portsmouth, Basingstoke and at Farnborough airport. At SubCool FM, we simply provide the best standards and service in the South-East and that’s why our customers recommend us.

Hampshire home air conditioning

2 SuCoolFm engineers measuring for air conditioning installation

Domestic air conditioning installation 

Hampshire enjoys a mild climate, being near the sea, but protected from some of the weather coming from the Atlantic. As recent years have seen spring heatwaves and Indian summers, the South-East has experienced a rise in ‘tropical nights’ where temperatures don’t drop below 21 degrees. Demand for air conditioning has risen as homeowners require greater control over the temperatures and general comfort of their living and sleeping spaces.

Air conditioning technology has also progressed, offering far more efficient systems with better filtration. And with cost-effective heating from units in winter, they provide a year-round solution. Allergens, bugs and humidity are kept out in the summer months helping your family to breathe easy.

Range of systems

From wall or floor mounted units, to ducted systems that provide air through vents and discreet enclosures, you have greater choice than ever on how it will look and feel in your home. And with smart controls, you can turn air conditioning on and off remotely.

Customer benefits

  • Stay cool through the heat of summer
  • Keep allergens out – great for hayfever sufferers
  • Keep out other bugs and viruses with filtration systems
  • Energy-efficient
  • Smart controls 
  • Cost-effectively heat solution for winter

Commercial air conditioning for Hampshire

Will my business benefit from air conditioning?

Being in control of your working environment can make a real difference to the productivity and comfort of your staff, and no companies seem to regret getting it installed! It can be hard to keep your focus in the heat of summer if you are not cool, and modern units offer a great and inexpensive heating solution in winter. If you are a customer-facing business, it is crucial that you offer an enticing environment all year round. With a strong economy and home to main big businesses, Hampshire has a large workforce. We’ve helped keep tourist sites cool, and install and service in a wide range of businesses across the port towns and various districts of the county. Our professional team work rapidly and with a minimum of disruption.

Why should we use Sub-Cool Fm?

Air conditioning is an investment. We set the standard for the industry and have won best air conditioning provider in the South-East. By delivering the highest standards of workmanship in every detail from design, to pipework, nuts and bolts and cabling, we ensure systems are safe, long-lasting, efficient and problem-free. This saves you time and money and gives peace of mind. Check out our reviews at Checkatrade, or contact us if you’d like to speak to one of our customers.

SubCool Fm air conditioning engineer drilling ceiling at clothing retailers

Hampshire customer area

From Andover, to Gosport, Southampton to Alton, we offer the best advice and service in the area. Get in touch to see how your home or business can benefit from climate control.