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Sub Cool FM Commercial Air Conditioning

We deliver diverse commercial air conditioning solutions to businesses across the South-East. We are not salesmen for certain brands and so can advise you on the pros and cons of different systems.  With honest and practical advice from our knowledgeable engineers we’ll deliver the right solution for 100% satisfaction. Whatever your need, talk to us now.

Why commercial clients use Sub-Cool FM

  • We only install tried and tested, reliable industry equipment.

  • Rapid turn around times from enquiry to deliver

  • Trusted and accredited by manufacturers, who train us on many of their systems and visit us on site

  • Experienced qualified engineers

  • Exceptional service levels

  • The highest standards of workmanship - on all installation, cabling & piping

  • We lead the South-East with the latest innovative equipment, often reducing labour time.

Types of commercial air conditioning

Sub-Cool Fm has delivered air conditioning systems to restaurants, shops, schools, colleges, doctors surgeries, depots, warehouses, labs and critical work spaces. Talk to us about your need and we’ll happily suggest the best solutions for you.

Single room offices

Small, medium and large offices

All commercial buildings


There are a number of different uses for chillers. They typically work by removes heat from a liquid or through an refrigeration cycle.

Server room air conditioning

The server room is a crucial part of a business to keep in good working order and to prevent overheating. Given the high levels of equipment, the cooling system needs to be appropriate to the specific site and surveys are usually undertaken. We can advise on the power required, the placement of the system, etc. Split system – wall mounted or cassettes are typically the best here. Contact us for more information.

Cellar cooling

Cellar coolers typically work in reverse to systems used most commonly for domestic and commercial air conditioning. They use an evaporator cooling system with a constant fan to circulate air, with heat being transferred to an outdoor condensing unit.

Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery MVHR

MVHR is growing in popularity as a solution for heating and cooling highly energy efficient buildings. It also responds to the increasing awareness of the quality of indoor air, as it brings fresh filtered air into a building. It recovers heat in the house extracting warm air, putting it through a central heat exchange. It works intelligently keeping houses warm in the cold and cooler in the summer. It is quite an expensive option and needs to be carefully designed, ideally alongside a new build.

Commerical air conditioning systems

Air conditioning technology has advanced rapidly over the years and there are a number of different systems available.


This is ideal for single rooms and smaller spaces. A split air conditioning system involves an indoor (evaporator) unit along with an outdoor compressor; as such the system is ‘split’ into 2 components, hence the name. The indoor unit is typically wall mounted. You can choose a unit that cools, or one that both heats and cools.


This system can heat and cool a number of rooms separately. It involves one unit inside each room, but these are all connected to a single outdoor compressor unit. Again, units are typically wall mounted.

Cassette air conditioning

Cassette air conditioning works in the same way as split systems, with inside and outside units, but instead of being wall mounted, cassette units are placed into the ceiling.

They are good for a larger area as they can provide more power and a wider spread and flow of air. Although they can be used in small offices too, especially where there is no room for a wall-mounted solution. They come as one or four-way cassettes, reflecting the number of sides that air will flow from. One-way cassettes are suitable for smaller offices and four-way for larger ones.

Variable Refrigerant Volume or Flow VRV and VRF

Daikin take the credit for inventing this technology and own the rights to the term VRF. VRV is the same technology but adapted by other brands. VRF/VRV units can function at different speeds and different flows of refrigerant (the medium used to heat and cool) rather than simply on or off. As such considerable energy savings can be made and more control over the temperature is available. They can also heat via efficient heat recovery methods.

As with split systems, VRFs use refrigerant as the cooling and heating medium. This refrigerant is conditioned by a single outdoor condensing unit and is circulated within the building to multiple indoor units.

These systems all use a refrigeration cycle to cool air, just as a home fridge does. The systems comprise a compressor, a condenser, and an evaporator. In split system units, the compressor and condenser are usually in an outdoor unit, while the evaporator is within the inside unit.

Ducted air-conditioning

This is a cooling solution for an entire building, and as such is the most expensive. A single unit is hidden, typically in the roof or outside, and then cool air is delivered to different rooms or areas as required, through a system of concealed ducting. A ducted system runs through the ceilings into each required room via insulated duct pipes.

Bespoke solutions for commercial air con customers

Marathon Chessington commercial air conditioning insulated ductwork for industrial look
Marathon Chessington commercial air conditioning external units

We always fully evaluate and survey before suggesting the right solution for your needs, taking into account all considerations. As such we deliver bespoke and tailored systems, such as this one for Marathon in Barwell Business Park, Chessington. Using a new product, pre-insulated ductwork, we were able to create a great look and feel to fit the site along with the perfect air conditioning functionality for the space.

Frequently Asked Commercial Questions

How do I know what air conditioning system is right for me?

  • Your budget
  • The size of the building, including layout, flow of rooms, number of windows etc
  • Whether you want to control different rooms individually
  • The external space available
  • The use and occupancy of the space
  • Your preferences on physical appearance – inside and out

What makes a good air conditioning installation?

  • Initial design and preparation
  • Neat, planned pipework routes
  • External drainpipe effect trunking
  • Hi-tuff quality weatherproof cabling (nothing else will do)
  • Fire-rated sealed holes
  • Stainless steel rust-proof fixings
  • The best fixings and bracketry for a great finish, increased value and reduced labour time.

How long will my air conditioning system last?

A quality air-conditioning system, that has been installed to the highest standards considering all the factors of size, flow, use etc, can last well beyond a decade. This is especially true for systems that are regularly serviced and maintained.

How often do I need to service my air conditioning?

Annual servicing is highly recommended. This is to ensure the best air quality, to improve the life of the system and to ensure it runs as efficiently as possible. The precise servicing requirements will depend on the use of the system.

A ceiling air conditioning unit installed inside a Burger King restaurant
Jacob sat in front of several Mitsubishi air conditioning units

Specialists in commercial system optimization

We are experienced in delivering systems for all shapes and sizes of commercial enterprise. The smallest system may provide enough cooling/heating to keep your business running smoothly or you may need a central system for a larger property. It’s essential to get the system right for the space. A server room could overheat if the system is the wrong size for the space, or if it is not serviced and maintained. Equally if the system is working twice as hard as it needs to because it is not suitable for the environment, you will have incredibly high running costs and reduced system life as direct affects.

The systems we provide all meet ESOS & efficiency standards supplied with a 3 year parts warranty.

At Sub-Cool FM, we recognise the demand for bespoke monitoring & control systems depending on the needs of different businesses.

  • Auto dial/SMS emergency server room panels
  • Energy saving systems
  • Central control integration
  • Low temperature and humidity systems
  • Wi-fi control
  • BMS integration

Commercial air conditioning customer reviews

We’re proud to score 10/10 on Checkatrade for our commercial and domestic customers alike!

“Sub-Cool FM have been a great credit to my  company. Crawley, Brighton, Horsham, Welling, Pettswood and Ipswich all have Sub Cool FM A/C units. We chose them over others for one simple reason, Jacob is in love with his industry. Jacob is quite clear in how the costs of different units can catch up with you in later years VS usage and performance.  I highly recommend them.”

Customer in London

“We opted for Sub-Cool FM to install AC into our offices after thorough research on all the other local companies. Jacob appeared to be the only one of the other three to be an engineer and answer all my petty questions with prompt follow ups. They upgraded our units to WiFi mobile app for free and for that I thank them dearly. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommended them.”

Customer from Crawley