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The Zen Ten: As of January 2019 we are launching unrivalled 10-year parts warranties on the Mitsubishi Electric Split Zen for residential customers

What is the Zen Ten offer?

Quite simply, the Zen Ten is a one-off solution for people wanting the best-in-class heating and cooling solution in their home. And it is delivered by the most highly rated air-con company in the South-East. We are offering the best-in-class equipment and service with an unbeatable warranty of 10-years, for total peace of mind. Give us a call for a quote, or come and visit our showroom to see and feel how the units work for yourself.

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Why the Zen?

Not only does it fly the flag in sleek, classy and streamline appearance for your home, but it is an extremely robust, quality machine. In the last 5 years we have seen ZERO failures. We wanted to show our confidence in this great product, and continue our ethos of outstanding customer service by offering this unrivalled warranty. 

Quality air-conditioning units not only last for years, but they are quiet, easy to clean and maintain and more economical to run. We only sell top-quality equipment. For more information on what makes a quality air-con see our YouTube vlog.

Mitsubishi Electric Zen SubCoolFM

Why Sub-CoolFM?

We are Crawley based, leading air-conditioning company – recently voted the best in the South-East (Build Awards). We are rapidly growing due to our on-going positive reputation for excellent service. See our customer feedback and reviews for yourself on Checkatrade. The man behind the company, Jacob Swei, has been determined since day one to create a better living environment for home owners (and businesses). You can learn all about air-con on the SubCoolFM YouTube channel.

Jacob at SubCoolFM

So if you want the ultimate control for your home temperature and environment all-year round, with one of the best systems and services available, get in contact now.