BetterCool SubCoolFM at the cinema

Welcome to Sub-Cool FM at the movies! We just wanted to have a bit of light-hearted fun after some crazy times, and Better Cool Sub was born! Click on the cinema screen above to see our take on ‘Better Call Saul’, the Breaking Bad spin-off, just in case you didn’t recognise it!

SubCool at the movies

After our craziest busy season since we started, we just wanted to deliver a few messages on the benefits of air conditioning in a slightly different way. So having teamed up with a great local video service, we did our little parody of Saul Goodman for your entertainment. However, Jacob was very happy to drop the ill-fitting jacket and step away from the kind of service provider who over-promises and under-delivers.

Saul Goodman at office desk linking to YouTube video

The inspiration

If you want to check out the inspiration for our parody, see the original Saul Goodman video from on YouTube by clicking on the video. Better Call Saul was one of the most successful prequels ever!

Doing things differently

We pride ourselves on doing things differently.  In fact, that’s the very reason SubCool FM was set up. We wanted to build a company that puts the customer first, and offers independent honest advice and the very best standards of workmanship and customer service. So Jacob was only to keen to revert to SubCool character and the quality, expert team that scores 10/10 on independent Checkatrade reviews.

SubCool FM Accrediations

So cooool Sub... 01293 223044

We’re very happy to offer you advice on all air conditioning requirements from small offices, outlets and homes, to hotels, chillers and major corporate projects. Check out the resources and information on our website and YouTube channel ‘The Outspoken Engineer” to give you the low down on all the considerations.