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Sub Cool FM Office Air Conditioning

Sub-Cool FM have been installing air conditioning systems in small offices for many years. We can give you independent advice on the best and most efficient system to deliver year-round comfort. Sub-Cool FM are industry specialists and will give you best-in-class products, unrivalled customer service and great value.

What are the benefits of small business and office air conditioning?

  • Cost-effective heating in winter

    The systems offer efficient ways to keep your office warm in winter

  • Staff are comfortable and valued

    Your staff will be happier if they know you are doing all you can to keep them comfortable!

Is your office ever too hot or too cold? Would you like a simple air conditioning system that can keep the temperature right all year round for happy productive employees? As well as helping everyone keep their cool in summer, many units can provide cost-effectively heating in winter too.

Our expert surveyors know all offices are unique. Your solution will be designed to suit your exact requirements. See our commercial air conditioning page to see the factors that will determine what is right for you.

Studies have shown that people are much less productive when in uncomfortably hot conditions. We can ensure your team enjoys an even air flow in one or multiple rooms they can concentrate of comfortably getting the job done.

Customer reviews

“We opted for Sub-Cool FM to install AC into our offices after thorough research on all the other local companies. Jacob appeared to be the only one of the other three to be an engineer and answer all my petty questions with prompt follow ups. They upgraded our units to WiFi mobile app for free and for that I thank them dearly. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommended them.”

Customer from Crawley

Office air conditioning
Office air conditioning

Types of small business and office air conditioning

Split or multi split air conditioning

A single split system works for a single room or small space. A multi-split system will involve multiple units, one each in each room you want to temperature control. Typically, these are wall unit. You can choose from a cooling system or a heating and cooling system.

Cassette air conditioners

One-Way Ceiling-Mounted ‘Cassette’ Units for Offices

Cassettes are the most common type of air conditioning unit and are very popular in modern offices. Discreetly mounted into the ceiling, they are almost entirely hidden away into a suspended ceiling and allow a flow of cooled air around the entire room. They can be custom painted and made to fit any environment. Although these units are hidden, they can be installed easily with little disruption.

With the one-way ceiling-mounted cassette, cooled air is emitted from one side.

Sub-Cool FM supply ceiling mounted air conditioning units from major brand, Mitsubishi.


Four-Way Ceiling-Mounted ‘Cassette’ Units for Offices

Larger open-plan offices or those with high ceilings will benefit from four-way cassette units as they provide air flow from 4 sides of the cassette allowing a wider spread of balanced cooling air to your work space. They discharge air for up to 4 metres from each of the four outlets. They are efficient, compact in design, and blend with any room interior, even those where appearance is just as important as functionality.

Our ceiling-mounted products offer a full range of features specially designed for energy efficiency, performance and control over your personal comfort.

VRV or VRF - Variable Refridgerant Volume / Flow

VRF and VRV are the same technology – it was invented by Daikin who hold exclusive rights to the term VRF. These units can function at different speeds and different flows of refrigerant and can deliver more control over the temperature and energy savings. See our commercial page for more information, or give us a call.

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