26 Jul 2018
Air-con stops heatwaves frying your brain

Heatwaves fry your brain, it’s official!
Air-con keeps you productive.

After the long spell of super-hot temperatures, we’ve all felt the effects. Even those of us who’ve enjoyed soaking up a few rays have turned tired, grumpy and found it hard to focus when trying to work or concentrate.

A study from Harvard University has now made it official. In a climate change focussed special for a medical journal, scientists carried out research on students in a Boston heatwave. The results are hardly surprising for any of us who have experienced a spike in temperatures, but they show the science behind why we get so hot and bothered when trying to think!

Air-con stops heatwaves frying your brain

Summary of Study

In summary:

Harvard scientists tracked students living in houses without air-conditioning through a heatwave.

Most research in the past has been done on vulnerable people, but this was on young, fit students, so demonstrated the effects of heatwaves on just about everyone.

It found that students’ houses in dormitories without AC continually performed worse on problem-solving, reaction times and memory tests than students in air-conditioned housing.

In the words of Sky News, “The study participants were all young and healthy individuals and highlighted the need for sustainable design solutions in indoor temperature control.”

The recommendations - Air-con helps you perform well!

As a result, the researchers warned that children and office workers need effective cooling systems in order to perform well during heatwaves. 

One of the scientists also noted that indoor temperatures can continue to rise even when outdoor temperatures finally start to drop, making the ‘indoor heatwave’ continue longer.  This is especially true in the UK and colder climates, where buildings are designed and insulated to keep the heat in!

“Indoor temperatures often continue to rise even after outdoor temperatures subside, giving the false impression that the hazard has passed, when in fact the ‘indoor heatwave’ continues,” said Dr Joseph Allen (reported by Sky News).

So air-conditioning not only makes the summer a lot more comfortable, it also improves productivity and in our experience mood! Modern systems are sleek and quiet and can be programmed in advance or on a phone. Whatever your needs, we can help you keep cool and productive! Speak to us for more information.

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