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Air Conditioning Horsham

Sub-Cool-FM offers air conditioning services in Horsham. Our services cover bespoke air conditioning installation and repair for both residential and commercial properties. Our expert team is fully qualified to undertake specialist works across different systems, and are always on hand to solve any problems regarding your air conditioning. If you are looking for air conditioning services in Horsham, Sub-Cool FM can do the work to the highest standard. We are dedicated to delivering an outstanding service to our loyal customer base requiring air conditioning in Horsham.

Our Air Conditioning Services in Horsham

installation of residental air conditioning

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Our air conditioning team, local to Horsham, offers the highest quality air conditioning services in Horsham; our customers benefit from our highly trained professionals who are equipped with the most up-to-date system knowledge. Our installation team have an advanced understanding and accreditations of the highest quality air conditioning systems, and can talk you through the different options to make sure you find the best fit for your property. At Sub-Cool FM we prioritise customer satisfaction, and so we offer reduced installation rates for our residential customers. We have a unique installation process which allows us to install all air conditioning systems discreetly and without causing any damage to your property.

We select our air conditioning equipment according to the highest quality criteria, bearing in mind appearance and noise levels as customer comfort is more than just a cool room. Our air conditioning units will be seamlessly integrated into your home, creating ultimate comfort levels in your living environment. Our wealth of experience means we are familiar with a wide variety of air conditioning systems, and will help you select one which matches your needs and budget. Our engineers are fully qualified and undergo regular training to ensure their knowledge is completely up to date and able to help with anything from the smallest installation to the largest emergency.

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Office Air Conditioning In Horsham

Commercial Air Conditioning Horsham

Commercial air conditioning in Horsham

Our services also cover commercial air conditioning in Horsham. We deliver a professional and honest service to provide the best possible satisfaction to all our customers. We are a manufacturer trained team with vast experience across all major systems, and can therefore carry out complex and detailed work to the highest standard. We are able to offer fast turnaround times which enables us to carry out emergency repairs on air conditioning in the local Horsham area, and we are equipped with the highest quality equipment to minimise labour time. Our team is always available to meet your requirements for air conditioning in Horsham, no matter how great or small.

Sub-Cool FM provides full support on all of our installations for commercial air conditioning in Horsham, and promise that any issues will be addressed quickly by our proactive team or air conditioning experts. We have the equipment and the technical expertise to identify and solve problems with great speed, as well as to prevent further problems. Whether you are looking for a new system to be installed or are in need of repairs to your current system, Sub-Cool FM is the number one choice for commercial air conditioning in Horsham.

We offer a number of commercial air conditioning services, including:


Reactive callouts.

Planned Maintenance.

System Design and assessment.

Variety of modern systems

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Our business is highly trusted and personal, and is fully accredited by organisations such as FGAS, Mitsubishi and Toshiba. We have the necessary wealth of experience to meet all your needs for air conditioning in Horsham, from using the best equipment to following the most effective processes. This all means that we can promise reliability and cost-effectiveness for all our customers. Thanks to our strong commitment to quality and excellence, top air conditioning manufacturers trust us to transport and install their products. We guarantee that our team will deliver the highest standard of customer service to fulfil your needs, no matter what your requirement for air conditioning in Horsham.

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