Thinking about installing air conditioning, but not quite decided yet? We’ve put together our most frequently asked questions…

1. Do I need planning permission?

Usually not.  A single outdoor unit (which is required as part of an indoor installation) is allowed under ‘permitted development’ providing your installer informs building control. If notification is not given, you may have issues when selling your house. At Sub-Cool FM, we are one of few UK based companies, who have signed up to the scheme and are able to do this on your behalf.

2. Which brands do you install, and which are the best?

We can install all brands. However, we will always recommend best-in-class units which are known for quality and long-lasting reliability, allowing us to provide them with market-leading warranties. Popular units with our customers are Mitsubishi, Panasonic & Toshiba.

We are a Mitsubishi Business Partner and a Panasonic Diamond Partner and a T5 Toshiba installer.

3. Which air-conditioning units are best for offices?

It’s not quite that simple; not all offices are equal! It depends on room height, size, occupancy and other requirements you may have. We know all our units inside-out. Let us know your needs and we’ll happily give you recommendations.

4. Do you charge for a survey?

Never! We’re happy to give you the help and advice you need to make the best decision for your needs.

6. Can I view any installations you’ve carried out?

Absolutely. We have many happy customers who will allow you to see the quality of our work for yourselves!

7. Do you fit air-conditioning in new builds?

We sure do. Given the effective insulation fitted these days, we find ourselves quite in demand. And our spotless approach goes down well where everything is new.

8. Do you install in extensions or loft conversions?

Regularly. We’ve carried out hundreds of home installations, with many being to control the temperature in extensions and conversions. We’re happy to advise at any stage, including planning, to make sure you get the very best solution.

9. Can I see the units before I buy?

We’ll send over a fully comprehensive quote with information, pictures and past projects. We also have some units on show at our offices, or we arrange for you to visit one of our customer installations if you wish (see Q5).

10. Do you offer warranties?

We’re glad you asked. We pride ourselves on delivering maximum warranties for our products. We only use excellent products, and we install them to the highest standards and the level of our warranties prove this!

11. Is the owner of Sub-Cool-FM an engineer?

Yes indeedy. Jacob prides himself on his engineering background and regularly carrying out in-house training to keep the Sub-Cool team on top of new products and technology and one step ahead of everyone else.

In fact, be warned, Jacob can get a bit nerdy on the subject of cabling, sealants etc. He’s immensely proud of the Sub-Cool FM standards and will rant about the evils of corner cutting if given the chance.

12. What is your lead time for an air-conditioning installation?

Give us a call to check the current situation and we’ll fit you in as quickly as we can.

If you have a question we’ve not answered above, please do get in touch. We also have more information and resources available including a range of vlogs on our YouTube channel covering topics like what makes a quality air-conditioning unit and when is the best time to install etc.

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