At SubCool FM we can fulfil all your M&E, maintenance and service needs. You can choose to have a regular maintenance contract so that you don’t need to remember when your service is due and you can be sure that everything is up-to-date, or you can opt for service and maintenance on an ad-hoc basis, whatever suits you best.

Sub-Cool FM are a specialist air conditioning contractor used by larger contractors for complex systems. We also provide air conditioning repairs and maintenance for small businesses and homeowners.

Why use SubCool FM for maintenance of your air con?

Sub-Cool FM offer a first-class, thorough service that puts you first. Your health and comfort are important to us and unlike many of our competitors, we use science to clean your systems. By this we mean we invest our time, effort, and research into ensuring that all the cleaning products we use are non-toxic, probiotic cleaners without any harmful chemicals.

We regularly attend call-outs following up after customers’ previous contractors have neglected full maintenance duties carrying out only a basic filter clean which has resulted in foul smelling units.

Information about air conditioning and servicing

Benefits of servicing your air conditioning

  • Efficiency – running at minimum cost
  • Longevity of unit and system
  • Clean, allergen-free environment
  • No odours and minimal noise
  • Warranties protected
  • Total temperature control

Consequences of a poorly maintained air con system

  • Higher running costs
  • General decline in the performance and power of your unit(s).
  • Bacteria, contaminants and allergens being spread into your environment
  • Unnecessary odours
  • Warranties possibly becoming invalid
  • Reduced comfort for employees or family members

We install, service and maintain a full range of brands

Mitsubishi Electric air conditioning
Samsung air conditioning sussex surrey
Daikin air conditioning sussex surrey london
LG air conditioning
Panasonic air conditioning sussex surrey
Fujitsu air conditioning

Pro-biotic cleaners

We pride ourselves on doing everything to the very best standards at SubCoolFM. Whilst 80% of coil + case cleaners are acid/alkaline based and harmful – We only use probiotic cleaners that are friendly to you and your environment. They clean just as effectively and are high quality, but just leave less harsh chemicals in your system.

Air conditioner filters

It is crucial to regularly clean and replace the filter in your air conditioning system whether you use single units or a central ducted system. Dust and dirt will accumulate and can block the air flow and affect the efficiency and reliability of units. If the dirt builds up it can end up getting into the coil.

Some filters can be cleaned others need to be replace. If you are working in a dusty commercial environment the filter might need changing more often.

Beyond the filter

A proper air conditioning service doesn’t stop at the filter. The coil needs to be checked and cleaned annually along with the coil fins. The whole internal and external system need to be inspected to ensure there are no problems and it is all working to optimum levels.

Cut out the middle man & take full advantage of going direct to the South East’s number 1 air conditioning service provider.