Jacob Swei, MD, Sub-Cool FM, Outspoken Engineer

Jacob Swei is the founder and director of Sub-Cool FM. He has vast experience working in the air conditioning industry, but it is his dedication to customer service and satisfaction that makes Sub-Cool FM stand out from other air conditioning companies. This has also helped him develop great relationships with the major manufacturing companies of the air con world.

Customer Experience

Jacob refuses to compromise on the standard of service his customers receive and is confident that this pays off in business opportunities.

“Having a 10 out of 10 customer experience encourages people to want to work with us. We aren’t interested in a poor value customer experience.”

Under Jacob’s leadership, Sub-Cool FM follows a simple process, employing engineers with a passion to deliver, not salesmen consumed by a drive to sell. They pride themselves on delivering unrivalled service, from the initial survey through to completion. Sub-Cool FM is not a one size fits all company, they strive to find the best bespoke solution for every different need. This is what makes the job rewarding.

With an ethos of continual development and excellence training, Jacob also loves watching the company’s relatively young team grow.

The Outspoken Engineer

Jacob is a man with plenty to say, and passionate about the industry he’s not shy of speaking out. He regularly posts on Linked In and on the company YouTube channel, aptly named ‘The Outspoken Engineer’. He gets frustrated when others try to dupe customers or fail to deliver the best standards. Through social channels and the website, Jacob provides a host of information and resources to help customers.

Life Beyond Sub-Cool FM....

There is still time for some life outside of Sub-Cool Fm! After a long day at work, Jacob likes to hit the gym, though often ends up in the sauna to help him unwind. 

Not one for sitting still, Jacob has recently undertaken skipper training and is often seeking out interesting experiences – this year he’s involved in the Parliamentary Review, he’s previously been spotted several times in the audience of BBC1’s Big Questions (being outspoken again!), and he made it to the final stages of application for the BBC’s The Apprentice a few years back.

If you want to get in contact,  Jacob would love to chat! 

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