28 Aug 2018
Quality Air-Conditioning

Why it's worth spending more on quality air-conditioning

There are hundreds of different air-conditioning units available on the market. At SubCoolFm, we don’t supply hundreds though. We only supply the best-in-class quality air-conditioning products, which we have cherry picked for you. We’ve put together a short Vlog that explains the difference between quality units and their cheaper alternatives and shows why we will only stake our reputation on the best quality products. Watch the vlog or read below on the 3 main factors that make the difference. These are the things you should consider when reviewing your quotes.

1. Noise

No-one wants a loud whirring machine chugging to keep cool. There are enough distractions at the office or at home. Cheaper units are noisier and rattle as they get older. The best ones are whisper-quiet and just work efficiently in the background without you knowing they are there. We know which our customers prefer!

Quiet Air-Conditioning
Quality Air-Conditioning

2. Build Quality

Cheap air-conditioning units are made from flimsier, thinner plastic and are much more prone to parts, such as the clips, breaking off. We’ve learnt this from first hand experience servicing other people’s cheaper installations. A better built machine is also much easy to manage, service and clean properly. This means a cleaner, germ free environment for you – and no strange air-con smells wafting in your room!

3. Reliability and Longevity

We use the best brands because like us, they have earned their great reputations for a reason! We know we can offer a 7 year warranty because we trust these products and know that they will last and provide a great solution for a long period of time.

Reliable air-conditioning

We speak to a lot of customer who are put off air-conditioning because they mistakenly think only of older big, bulky units that they think will look awful in their homes. The noise and smell of cheap or older units are also a deterrent. But modern, quality air-conditioning is sleek, quiet and efficient. There are also smart solutions which allow you to control your air-conditioning remotely so you can cool a room before you arrive, or turn it off and ensure no energy is wasted. Whatever your needs, we’d be happy to advise you on which solutions could work best for you.

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