10 Jan 2019
Congratulations to the winner of our competition and thank you to all those who helped support Crawley Open House On December 21st we announced the winner of our £3k state-of-the-art air-conditioning unit complete with installation. This give-away was part of our campaign to help raise funds for the incredible Crawley Open House, a charity supporting [...]
25 Sep 2018
Autumn Air conditioning sale
Autumn Sale on air-conditioning solutions - up to 15% off We're often asked, when is the best time to install air-conditioning? Having been asked this many times we put together a Vlog at the Sandown exhibition for our YouTube channel to answer it. Naturally everyone thinks about air-conditioning mid-summer when the heatwave hits, but the [...]
28 Aug 2018
Quality Air-Conditioning
Why it's worth spending more on quality air-conditioning There are hundreds of different air-conditioning units available on the market. At SubCoolFm, we don't supply hundreds though. We only supply the best-in-class quality air-conditioning products, which we have cherry picked for you. We've put together a short Vlog that explains the difference between quality units and [...]
08 Mar 2018
Residential Air Conditioning In West Sussex
Residential Air Conditioning In West Sussex | Add Value To Your Home! Why Should I Install Residential Air Conditioning In West Sussex? At times like these, when the weather is at it's worst, you might wonder: "why should I install residential air conditioning in West Sussex?" There are actually several benefits of installing a residential [...]
19 Oct 2017

There could be lots of reasons that you are considering alternative heating systems Sussex.

Perhaps you are sick and tired of being robbed of money by big energy companies – a leading UK energy supplier once again announced a rise in energy prices this winter (by up to 12.5%!)

This has resulted in an average bill of £1,151 a year.

28 Sep 2017
Sub-Cool FM finish runners-up in HVAC System installation competition! HVAC System (Heating, ventilation and air conditioning) So what is a HVAC System? Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning is the technology of indoor and vehicular environmental comfort, providing good air quality and temperature. At Sub-Cool FM, we pride ourselves on our ability to install the highest quality [...]
31 Aug 2017
Sussex Nightclub Air Conditioning
Sussex Nightclub Air Conditioning | A/C Keeps Customers Happy! Sussex Nightclub Air Conditioning The importance of Sussex Nightclub Air Conditioning is clear for both club-goers and club-owners. Nobody wants to be a party pooper, so why do some nightclubs insist on spoiling a night by making their patrons sweat like they're in a sauna? For [...]
27 Jun 2017
Air Conditioning Crawley
Even with summer in full swing, it's never too late to invest in a cool, air conditioned living space! Air Conditioning Crawley Here at Sub-Cool FM Air Conditioning, we supply high-quality air conditioning units for West Sussex, that, thanks to the wonders of technology, can be wirelessly controlled from your phone! No more will you [...]
25 Apr 2017
Residential Air conditioning Horsham
Residential Air Conditioning Horsham Residential Air conditioning Horsham - A good night’s sleep is something we all desire, nothing beats that feeling of getting up and feeling fresh ready to start your day. Unfortunately, a lot of British people are joining the “hit snooze club”). With new studies claiming that up to 50% of Britain’s [...]