28 Sep 2017

Sub-Cool FM finish runners-up in HVAC System installation competition!

HVAC System (Heating, ventilation and air conditioning)

So what is a HVAC System?

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning is the technology of indoor and vehicular environmental comfort, providing good air quality and temperature.

At Sub-Cool FM, we pride ourselves on our ability to install the highest quality products at the best price – and we have been recognised for the quality of our work!

Alpha Wholesale, one of the UK’s leading suppliers of HVAC System products recently held their annual Install Challenge for 2017 and Sub-Cool FM finished runners-up for our install!

So what can we do for you?

Our HVAC systems can help both commercial and residential customers – by heating and cooling your home, workplace, or shop floor.

Customers in salons, barbers, pubs and clubs can all benefit from air conditioned and heated environments.

According to research, customers’ impressions of a store or vendor where they spend money is influenced by environmental factors such as the temperature and background noise.

So give your customers the best first impression possible by ensuring your environment is cooled or heated correctly!

Some of the benefits of installing a HVAC system in your premises can also transfer to your business!

Here are just some of the ways it does so:

  1. They are energy efficient at heating and cooling a building, reducing utility costs, carbon footprint, and providing a constant and controllable temperature.
  2. They reduce humidity – no-one wants to be sweaty at work!
  3. They improve air quality by filtering- which can reduce the risk of getting cols or being affected by allergies
  4. Our HVAC systems are virtually silent – so they won’t disturb your customers.
  5. They can remove some of the heat generated by equipment such as hairdryers etc.

For a more in-depth look at the full range of Alpha Wholesale products, check out their website here.

Or, alternatively, check out their social media pages here! You may even catch a glimpse of our picture entry for their HVAC System Installation Competition!





HVAC System

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