31 Aug 2017
Sussex Nightclub Air Conditioning

Sussex Nightclub Air Conditioning | A/C Keeps Customers Happy!

Sussex Nightclub Air Conditioning

The importance of Sussex Nightclub Air Conditioning is clear for both club-goers and club-owners.

Nobody wants to be a party pooper, so why do some nightclubs insist on spoiling a night by making their patrons sweat like they’re in a sauna?

For those paying entry in a mission to paint the town red, feeling cool is the equivalent of looking cool, and a poorly air conditioned nightclub can leave you feeling hot, bothered, and not at all in the mood to boogie.

For those charging the fee on the doors, it is your responsibility to keep your customers comfortable, which means controlling the temperature and humidity of your venue.

In an official capacity, research from Club Health (an EU-funded project) suggested that avoiding overheating and keeping room temperature comfortable was a key component in ensuring good health and safety!

This is because warmer temperatures can not only cause things like dehydration and wooziness, but also can make people irritable and more inclined to become aggressive when provoked.

Sussex Nightclub Air Conditioning

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Sub-Cool FM are capable of being reactive and proactive.

If you are having issues with your Sussex nightclub air conditioning, Sub-Cool FM can be there for breakdowns, emergencies, systems assessments and design.

If you need an up-to-date, efficient system that will last beyond your next planned refurbishment, Sub-Cool FM staff will use their extensive knowledge to provide you with the best solution.

Sussex Nightclub Air Conditioning

Get a head start with our tips for Sussex Nightclub Air Conditioning!

  • Turn the air conditioning on before the event starts

This will make it easier for the system to cope with the gradual increase in temperature as more customers come in!

  • Open fire exits

This can save you money by cooling the air naturally so your A/C unit doesn’t have to do all the work!

  • Cool each room separately

Busier dancefloors need more cooling than emptier ones, and areas like the bars and dj booth are more likely to be packed and so need more cooling

Sussex Nightclub Air Conditioning

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