19 Oct 2017

Alternative Heating Systems Sussex | Sub-Cool FM

Alternative Heating Systems Sussex

There could be lots of reasons that you are considering alternative heating systems Sussex.

Perhaps you are sick and tired of being robbed of money by big energy companies – a leading UK energy supplier once again announced a rise in energy prices this winter (by up to 12.5%!)

This has resulted in an average bill of £1,151 a year.

Not only this, but customers are often being charged heavily for repairs and maintenance despite being given a poor quality product.

Some little-known information...

Did you know that, as well as cooling your home or office, our Sub-Cool Air Conditioning units can act as heaters too?!

And did you also know, that these Air Conditioning units can offer you a solution to your central heating headaches?!

Alternative Heating Systems Sussex

Call now for a heated home or workplace!

Why choose Sub-Cool FM’s Alternative Heating Systems Sussex?

1. Sub-Cool FM can install beautiful units that can fit in perfectly with the aesthetic of your home or office! Just check out the picture to see how good they look!

2. Our units can help you to maximise your space, as they eliminate the need to have bulky iron radiators dotted around your living or work spaces and can be placed above the floor – freeing room up for furniture.

3. A study from Modern Building Services showed that air conditioning is over 500% more efficient at heating an office than traditional boiler/radiator system and over 300% more efficient than a boiler/chiller system!

4. Our unrivalled expertise means that we will always provide the best unit for your needs, including market-leading brands such as Mitsubishi, Daikin, Toshiba Samsung and Panasonic.

5. We offer 5-year warranties on our products, and if you have a breakdown or fault, our service team will have the job done in 1.5 hours, whereas traditional boiler work can take anywhere from a couple of hours to several days!

6. Because we have a direct relationship with suppliers, we can have spare parts delivered within 1-2 days!

Alternative Heating Systems Sussex

If you would like to enquire about switching from traditional boiler heating to our A/C units - email us now!

Now you know what we can do... See how we've done it successfully for our clients...

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