23 Nov 2017

When choosing the right air conditioning company in Brighton, it is very important to consider your options in a structured and deliberate way. With so many air conditioning companies located in Brighton, choosing the correct company with excellent reviews, accreditations and the best price will put you in a good position to receive the best quality air conditioning work for what you require, be it for a residential or commercial property.

1: Local Reviews

Finding a reputable air conditioning company in Brighton is an important first step in getting the work completed. Companies with a high number of positive reviews across websites such as checkatrade or trustpilot are much more likely to provide a higher level of service and quality in their work. Always ensure that these reviews are written by real customers, and have not been fabricated for the sake of bolstering brand reputation.  This will allow you to sort through the multitude of companies and narrow down your search.

2: Accreditations

All reputable air conditioning companies in Brighton should be manufacturer accredited. This means that a business is sanctioned to use select products at a high standard. For example, all air conditioning companies should be FGAS registered handlers as standard. Dependent on the equipment that the company prefers to use, they should also have brand specific accreditations, for example the Toshiba T5 installer accreditation. These accreditations prove that they have the skill and experience necessary to install and repair high quality equipment; an extremely important factor to consider when looking at long term air conditioning in Brighton.

3: Location

While Brighton is a relatively small area, finding an air conditioning company that is based as close to your location as possible can be very beneficial. Not only will it save time when booking an installation, but emergency repairs will be carried out extremely quickly. While going with larger businesses further afield can have its advantages, local businesses are likely to respond to your calls much more promptly. If you are running a commercial company in which the office air conditioning is essential, getting any issues fixed as quickly as possible should be at the top of your list. For residential air conditioning in Brighton, this may not be such a pressing issue, but it can still save you a lot of time in the long run.

4: Type of Service

The type of air conditioning service you are looking for will have a large impact on the type of companies you consider. Some air conditioning companies specialise in either residential or commercial installations, while others may offer a full service. Depending on your individual needs and requirements, it may be more beneficial to go with a specialist.  These companies will typically have more experience in their chosen field, so will be able to offer a higher level of service. However, going with a larger company also has its benefits. These companies will have more resources and staff, so will be able to complete work very quickly. However, they may also be more expensive, as you are paying for a brand name and a higher number of workers on your project. It is therefore important to evaluate price, type of work and the company before making your final decision.

Overall, choosing an air conditioning company in Brighton is a big decision. With so many to choose from, you must ensure that you have evaluated all aspects of each company to find the right service that works for you.

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