25 Sep 2018
Autumn Air conditioning sale

Autumn Sale on air-conditioning solutions - up to 15% off

We’re often asked, when is the best time to install air-conditioning? Having been asked this many times we put together a Vlog at the Sandown exhibition for our YouTube channel to answer it. Naturally everyone thinks about air-conditioning mid-summer when the heatwave hits, but the best time is towards the end of the year in autumn / winter. That’s why we offer great autumn discounts for the savvy! Watch our vlog above to hear it from the horse’s mouth!

You thought last summer was hot....

Well just wait until the next one. It was an absolute scorcher and many people found it hard to sleep and hard to concentrate at work at home – we all felt our brains melt. As you’d expect, air-conditioning is in incredibly high demand in the summer months. Our phones go crazy and we can’t deliver fast enough. If you want to beat the queues, autumn is the perfect time to install.

Air-conditioning sale

Be money smart and get an autumn discount of up to 15%

In autumn / winter, we can properly plan and install at times most convenient to you. The discount also means you will make some significant savings.  We can help you decide what is the right solution for your space. Many of our units heat as well as cool, and do so cost-effectively, so you can say benefitting right away!

Best provider in the South East

If you are considering air-conditioning and want to discuss your options with no obligation, then give us a call. We only install the best-in-class units, with Panasonic and Mitsubishi products having extended warranties of 7-years. We’re thrilled to have just received the Build award for best air-conditioning in the south east. So you’re in safe hands, but if you still have any doubts, check out our reviews on Checkatrade.

Best air-con provider south east

Visit our YouTube channel for more blogs on all things air-con. We answer concerns our customers have expressed, give advice on why its worth spending a little bit more on a good quality unit – and what you get for your money, as well as detailing what you should expect from an air-conditioning service. We hope you find it useful.

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