With many more people working from home these days, garden rooms and outbuildings are becoming more common. Not always for work, they are also a great way to extend the family home. But they can often be difficult spaces to manage the temperature of, getting hot and stuffy in summer and bone cool in winter. A simple air conditioning unit can keep them cool and chilled through the heatwaves of summer, whilst also providing a cost-effective total heating solution in winter. And with wifi solutions available, you can even warm-up or chill these buildings before you enter them.

Front exterior of shepherds hut during installation of mitsubishi electric air conditioning in shepherds hut SubCool FM
White mitsubishi air conditioning external unit shepherds hut SubCool FM
White mitsubishi air conditioning wall mounted unit fitted inside shepherds hut SubCool FM
Garden room air conditioning external unit SubCool FM
Black mitsubishi electric wall mounted unit above TV in loft conversion
wall mounted air con unit in Outbuilding SubCoolFM
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