Soho21 Ceiling Cassette air conditioning by SubCoolFM
Soho21 Ceiling Cassette air conditioning in bar area 2 photos by SubCoolFM

Soho 21 - popular London cafe, bar, comedy and more

The brief – The client needed low maintenance, effective and safe year-round cooling for a popular multi-use venue that holds 100-300 people in central London location.

The air conditioning solution

Equipment – Daikin self-cleaning ceiling cassettes

We chose Daikin self-cleaning cassettes for our client for the principle reason that it would save make significant savings for them on maintenance costs.

Due to popularity of the venue, the air conditioning is used 7 days a week, for up to 10 hours a day.  Daikin self-cleaning cassettes have saved the client £600 by cutting out three maintenance visits per year that would be required to ensure the safety and efficiency of units used constantly. The extra initial cost of the more expensive self-cleaning product is covered in the 1st year by maintenance savings and leaves the client with an efficient system and peace of mind.

How it works

The dust is removed from the circular filter by an internal brush which extracts it to a dust pan, When the dust pan is full, a light will indicate, and the in-house cleaner can remove the dust without opening the unit via a crafty hoover attachment.

Soho21 bar area Ceiling Cassette air conditioning by SubCoolFM

The outcome

The units look great in the setting, they offer efficient and effective cooling to the busy venue, and despite the high use, they are low maintenance due to the in-built self-cleaning system.

Project value -10K

Client website: 21Soho

Customised air conditioning for unique settings at Tulleys Escape Rooms

To help customers keep their cool as they work to get away, we recently fitted air conditioning to the Escape Rooms at well-known Crawley entertainment site, Tulleys.

Why SubCool FM?

Why did Tulley’s choose SubCool FM to keep their Escape Rooms cool? They wanted reliability, great workmanship and efficient, lasting products. They needed systems that could perform, but also fit in with diverse, exciting environments.  We pride ourselves on delivering bespoke, considered solutions for our varied customers with their different specifications and requirements.


Mitsubishi Electric M series indoor units for each room

Multi-split outdoor unit

Importantly, the customer has remote access via the MELcloud app to ensure off-site and external monitoring can take place.

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