Ducted air conditioning runs cool air from a central unit in the loft into one or multiple rooms on the same floor of a house. It has its limitations, but can be a great solution for those wanting to cool and heat several rooms with minimal drilling, disruption and cost. The air is released and drawn from the rooms by small ducts and sometimes grills. 

Domestic ducted air conditioning showing ducts in ceilings of 2 rooms

Simple ducts in ceilings and walls

This can be a great way to control the summer heat in bedrooms. It allows for a neat and simple installation with less holes and pipework in walls compared to wall mounted units. 

White ceiling duct above doors
Ceiling duct in room with doors and cello
Air conditioning and MVHR system by SubCool FM in girls bedroom - fresh air and climate control through vent behind square on ceiling

Central and external units

The first 2 images show the central unit in a loft space, and the last an external unit. There is often greater flexibility with the placement of the external unit in a ducted system.

If you’d like to know more about this option or whether it would be right for your building, please get in contact or ask for our domestic ducted air con guide.

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