When you are putting up a new building or extending a part of your property, you have a full range of climate control systems available as they can be integrated into the building process. Talk to us to find the best solution for year round comfort and high efficiency.

Luxury New Build 

This magnificence new build is equip with ten Mitsubishi LN units throughout the entire property. Mitsubishi LN units are top spec in the world of air conditioning, quipped  with  as 3D i-See sensor for customised comfort and a plasma quad connect filter the LN is definitely superior to most.

Timber frame Scandia Hus 

This stunning luxury Scandia Hus timber frame home has been equipped with a bespoke installation of Mitsubishi Electric ducted air conditioning for all year round climate control.

SubCool air conditioning in new build Cambridge, Haddenham showing numerous SubCool vans at site
SubCool air conditioning in new build Cambridge, Haddenham showing exterior close up
SubCool air conditioning in new build Cambridge, Haddenham showing exterior

Timber frame chalet bungalow

Full air conditioning system for timber frame new build chalet bungalow in Cambridge. 10 Mitsubishi Electric ducted M series units with 2 outdoor multi-splits, fully concealed throughout. Home automation using Crestron with touchscreen controllers and wifi interface.

Scandia Hus new build kitchen with invisible Mitsubishi air con grill and MVHR system by SubCool FM side view
Scandia Hus new build project upstairs landing showing vents high on walls to stream MVHR air flow by SubCool FM

Scandia Hus timber frame new build home

Mechanical Ventilation and Heat Recovery (MVHR) system alongside ducted air conditioning in this bespoke domestic project. For more details click here.

SubCool FM, Woodlands, Colgate, full M&E and aircon installation with MVHR - in progress, the drive in with SubCool vans
SubCool FM, Woodlands, Colgate, full M&E and aircon installation with MVHR - in progress, the house front
SubCool FM, Woodlands, Colgate, full M&E and aircon installation with MVHR - in progress, interior building works with air con installed

West Sussex, masonry home

Full home automation system with air heating and cooling MVHR system throughout.

Air conditioning new build
air conditioning systems for new build
Exterior of new build property where SubCool FM are fitting full ducted domestic air conditioning system

Georgian style new homes

Georgian style mansion on large separate plot, along with new build in residential street

New build house for air con fitting
Ducted ceiling domestic air conditioning unit in new build in Ringwood, Crawley Down still in building stages
Ducted domestic air conditioning being fitted into ceiling building works in new build in Milner Street property fitted within furniture

Scandia Hus timber frame new build home

Mechanical Ventilation and Heat Recovery (MVHR) system along with ducted air conditioning in the build stages. For more details click here.

Conservatory air conditioning unit
SubCool black wall unit in living space
Ducted air con grills in new build

Air conditioning in various home extensions

Information on air conditioning for new builds and extensions

New builds

If you are involved in the building of a new property you have many options and choices available to you. And this is true for the climate control and air conditioning too. When retrofitting air conditioning, your choices tend to be more limited, but in a new build in the early stages, the air conditioning world is your oyster. So it is worth considering all your options carefully. New builds tend to be much more airtight than older homes, and they often have a good level of insulation installed as standard. This can be great for keeping the heat in, but not so good in the stifling summer weather.

There are a number of things to consider:

  • What is your budget?
  • What do you want from your climate control system – heating, cooling, ventilation?
  • What is your energy source?
  • How many and which rooms do you wish to heat and cool?
  • What do you use these rooms for?
  • What sort of system do you like the look of – wall mounted, ceiling, radiators, ducted or ‘invisible’?

Talking to an experienced air conditioning company early on can help you choose a great system that will deliver year-round temperature control and the best energy efficiency.

New builds and extensions

The size of the space is important and needs to be compatible with the capacity of the air conditioning solution. You need to get this right to get the most out of your system and to make it effective and energy efficient. If you want the system to last well and have minimal impact, in terms of energy and noise, it needs to be appropriate to the use and features of the room. It will help to think about the placement of the system in terms of both aesthetic and practical requirements.

Smart air conditioning

There are plenty of smart options available now. From a simple app on your phone that allows you turn your system on and off remotely, to Alexa systems “Alexa, turn air conditioning on to 21 degrees”, all the way through to comprehensive heat recovery systems.

External air conditioning

Be sure to ask about the external fittings as well as the interior ones. Proper ductwork and attention to detail in the fixtures and fittings can make a difference to how long a system lasts and how noisy it is as well as how it looks.

Types of air conditioning

There is a wide choice of systems available from single room to split, to more centrally run ones.  This correlates to a choice of:

  • Wall units – a full range of attractive wall units (in all colours) are available. These can be positioning on the wall or in a hidden cupboard
  • Floor unit – a similar size to a radiator, these are mounted on the wall at low level
  • Concealed ducted units (with a grill) – these can be hidden in ceilings, wardrobes and the like providing cooling and heating with the utmost discretion!
  • Mechanical, ventilation and heat recovery (MVHR) – a central system that recovers heat and brings in fresh filtered air

Invisible air conditioning

Many of our new build customers come to us looking for an ‘invisible’ system. The earlier in the build we are involved in the build process, the easier it is to give our customers exactly what they are looking for. Ducted systems are popular. With some good design we can manage climate control highly discreetly through well-located vents. Ask us for more information.

Make the most of the options available to you by getting advice and insight on heating and cooling systems as early in the build as possible. But whatever stage you are at, we’re happy to advise.