29 Nov 2017

Maintaining the perfect temperature in your office can boost employee morale and greatly increase efficiency; air conditioning in Brighton could be of remarkable benefit to your business.


It doesn’t come as a great surprise to anyone to hear that the environment of an office has a huge impact on the productivity of those working there. All respectable bosses realise this, and do what they can to meet the needs of their employees.


Many consider the layout of an office; should it be open plan? Divided into teams? Individual cubicles? Perhaps you’ve even tried hotdesking?


Another aspect to think about is the interior design of a workspace. Different colours are shown to have diverse effects on those exposed to them, so depending on whether you want to get your employees’ creative juices flowing, have their eyes locked on the screen, or give them a sense of calm and peace, you will probably make different decisions as to how you decorate the walls, or what furniture you install.


Similar effects come about through sound: is it appropriate to have the radio on? Maybe some slow-tempo back ground music would give your employees the tranquillity they need, or perhaps absolute silence is required, and only the sound of continuous keyboard tapping will boost productivity.


Key to a cool head: air conditioning in Brighton


Of course, all of these factors are dependent on the nature of your business and what you’re trying to achieve, as well as on the preferences of your individual employees. However, one element which overrides all variables is that workers should always be comfortable in the temperature of their environment. Surely there’s nothing worse than roasting at your desk with the midday sun shining through the window, and only a pathetic little desk fan to tackle the monstrous greenhouse effect.


In a town as glorious as Brighton, everyone wants to throw in the towel and head straight to the beach at the first glimpse of sunshine; whether that’s for a sun soaked summer swim or a brisk winter walk in the bright rays, so keeping your employees motivated for business can be a tricky task if they’re overheating in a clammy office.


The ideal solution is to install air conditioning in your office. Maintaining the correct temperature undoubtedly helps everyone to stay on task by allowing a clear head to think properly. Keeping your office at the correct temperature could be the difference between sharp, effective work and sloppy mistakes due to lack of concentration. In any case, it will prevent employees from day dreams of escaping to far-off lands, and if no-one comments upon the temperature of the office, you can be sure your air conditioning is doing a good job. This works both ways, since as well as cooling, air conditioning provides more effective heating than electric heaters and most boilers.


Sub-Cool FM can help you achieve this with modern and long-lasting air conditioning systems; we only install the best in class brands with an unrivalled attention to detail. If you’re looking to cool down the office and heat up the business, get in touch with Sub-Cool FM for a proactive service covering installation, breakdowns, emergencies, systems assessments and design for air conditioning in Brighton.

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