15 Feb 2018

Choosing the right place to live is a hugely important decision that could have a significant impact on you and your family or anyone moving with you. There are a whole host of factors to consider when making this decision. How you prioritise will depend on your individual situation: are you looking for good schools? An easy commute? Job prospects? Proximity to friends and family? As proud suppliers of air conditioning in Cobham, Surrey, we’re big fans of the town and believe it has a lot to offer. Here’s why:

A Stone’s Throw from London

London is a bit like Marmite: most people either love it or hate it, but even if you’re deterred by the bustling crowds and busy underground, it’s hard to deny that being located close to the capital has its advantages. As well as the shops, tourist attractions and cultural aspects to take advantage of, London is home to many businesses, and as such has a lot of work to offer. Working in London can be stressful, so having an easy commute back to beautiful Surrey is an ideal way to keep home and work life separate. On the other hand, if you don’t work in London, or enjoy the city and are happy to spend more time here, it’s a straight-forward train journey to just hop up for a weekend day trip or an evening at the theatre.

A World Away from London

Geographically, it’s pretty close, but in terms of the environment, Cobham and London couldn’t be more different. Cobham is situated in a quiet, peaceful area with an abundance of outdoor space, and is extremely close to Surrey Hills area of outstanding natural beauty. There are plenty of places to walk; either just through the countryside or in the beautiful parks around. One thing’s for sure, you’ll get plenty of the fresh air Londoners are all too short of.

Cafés & Restaurants

Eating out has become an important part of our culture, and knowing the best locals makes anyone feel more at home in a town. Cobham is dotted with every type of café you could ever wish for, from old fashioned tea rooms which fit with the history of the town, to popular chains and modern coffee houses, and all are great places to sit with the newspaper or catch up with a friend. Cobham also has a huge range of restaurants to offer, from traditional British pub food to exotic international cuisines, and from casual dining to high-end experiences for special occasions.

Things to do

In addition to all the great places to eat, there are a whole host of activities in and around Cobham, which cater for all interests and age ranges. If you’ve got little ones, there’s soft play areas for them to burn some energy in, teenagers (and ‘big kids’) may enjoy activities such as paintballing, and for a more educational element there are a variety of museums very close to Cobham. If you’re into fitness, there’s plenty to keep you busy on that front too. Sub-Cool FM recently carried out a full cooling installation to the Award winning ride spin studios located in Cobham. Adding cooling which matched the classy decor was the key driver behind us winning the job. To enjoy the studio & check out our highly styled works please visit ride http://www.ridestudiocobham.com.


All in all, Cobham is a wonderful town boasting lots of advantages, and at Sub-Cool FM we love servicing the area. If you’re based there and require either residential or commercial air conditioning in Cobham, please get in touch!

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