27 Feb 2018

Installing air conditioning is becoming common practice in many offices, in order to keep employees cool, clear-headed and to boost productivity. Air conditioning systems are also popular in cafes, bars, restaurants and hotels, where a comfortable temperature is crucial in keeping guests satisfied and wanting to stick around. Sub-Cool FM have installed a wide ranges of systems for commercial air conditioning in Horsham, and here we’ve laid out the most important factors any business should consider to make the best of your investment.



This has always been important in the hospitality industry, but is becoming increasingly the case in interior design conscious offices as well! If your offices have a particular colour scheme or a theme that runs throughout, you don’t want to intrude on this with bulky, distracting air conditioning equipment which doesn’t fit in. Sub-Cool FM offer a variety of air conditioning systems with different styles and appearances, which can add to the style of your office or integrate so subtly you’ll barely notice them. Of course, this still stands for hospitality businesses too, where the décor is always a priority; we can walk you through a selection of options to integrate seamlessly into the theme of your interiors.


Noise Levels

Probably to an even greater extent than unsightly air conditioning equipment, noisy systems can be hugely distracting and can result in devastating consequences for any business. If your staff need to be focused on computer screens, phone calls or even face-to-face meetings, the last thing you want is to disrupt their concentration with the irritating sound of a noisy air conditioning system. Equally, if a customer has just sat down in your café to read the newspaper over a cup of coffee, or to catch up with a friend, they probably won’t stay around for a second cup if the sound from the air conditioning is causing problems. Air conditioning with high noise levels is not ideal in any environment, but particularly where business is concerned, selecting a system which is discreet in this area is crucial.


All Seasons

Thinking about installing air conditioning in the workplace probably brings to mind relief from sticky summer situations, where the unbearable temperatures make the workplace environment stifling and incredibly unproductive. Whilst this is a massive advantage of installing air conditioning in your workplace, the benefits of air conditioning are not limited to the summer months. It can be equally difficult to concentrate during the winter, when your fingers are often so cold that they’re struggling to navigate the keyboard, and even with the central heating on full blast, the person sat farthest away from the radiator is struggling to feel the benefit. Air conditioning systems are often far more efficient than other heating systems to keep your office at optimum temperature all year round, so don’t overlook this feature when considering air conditioning systems!


At Sub-Cool FM, we have serviced a number of organisations in Horsham and we know that getting these factors right is crucial to your business. We can provide a range of options to ensure you find the perfect solution for your commercial air conditioning in Horsham.


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