Win a £3000 heat pump air-con unit complete with installation –  to raise funds for Crawley Open House, because making a difference matters!

We’re giving away this fantastic prize to help raise funds for a fantastic cause, and the more people involved the better. The prize will be drawn on the 21st December and announced on our Facebook page. Just enter our simple competition below, and we’d be really grateful if you make a small donation to Crawley Open House too.

Supporting Crawley Open House

Crawley Open House is an amazing local charity that helps homeless and disadvantaged men, women, couples and young people by providing high support hostels and a day centre open every day of the year. It provides help, support, understanding and empathy and is totally non-judgemental,  helping anyone suffering from social exclusion. Sadly, the threat of major cuts loom over this charity and locals are fighting to keep this lifeline going.

What’s on Offer?

If you had a chance of winning a car and choosing the make which would you go for? A Ferrari Perhaps? A Lamborghini? Perhaps best in British… a Rolls or McLaren. We’re giving one lucky person the chance to win a £3000, BEST IN CLASS, BEST BRAND air conditioning unit – a sleek looking, high quality unit, that heats in winter too.

We’ve put together a little puzzle. Simply guess (or count) how many Jacob’s are in the Peaky Blinder style line up below, and drop us an email or comment via our Facebook page. No hidden costs, no ties… Free Free Free. What would we like in return?  Nothing required. But it would be a noble gesture to donate to support the amazing Crawley Open House.

What a hot summer! What a GREAT prize!

The sweaty sheets and the road noise from having window opens all long hot summer seemed like the good Lord’s way of capital punishment. However……

We’re giving you the chance to make a direct improvement to your environment, ready for next years wave of extreme heat….. and at the same time help those who need it.

Who the… are Sub-Cool FM?  We are Crawley based and fast becoming the fastest growing, dedicated, most reputable air-conditioning company in the South East. The man behind the company, Jacob Swei, has been determined since day one to create a better living environment for home owners (and Businesses). Our feedback speaks a gazillion words.

There is no obligation to donate in order to participate in the competition, but we’d love it if you did. A winner will be drawn from all correct entries on 21st December. Prize is a Flagship, Mitsubishi electric, Daikin or Panasonic unit – because we only install the best! Christmas is coming and its a great time to think of others and give a little. Give a penny … give a pound … give a minute – every gesture makes a difference. Best Of Luck. We hope you win.