27 Nov 2017

Hosting the perfect Christmas party can become a hot mess. To make sure your event is well-executed, cool things down with air conditioning in Brighton.


The clichéd image of a picturesque Christmas might be a loving family snuggled up in woolly jumpers and fluffy socks in front of the real log fire, but when it comes to Christmas party nights, the story is quite far from this romanticised fantasy.


Christmas is a universal excuse to celebrate, to reunite with old family and friends, to socialise with colleagues, or simply to take your usual weekend antics to a whole new level, because, well, it’s Christmas.


Whilst we might love ice skating, strolling around a Christmas market, or standing shivering outside in the cold for hours on end, mulled wine in hand, waiting in anticipation for this year’s more-spectacular-than-last-year’s Christmas lights to be switched on, the most popular Christmas events undoubtedly remain the classics for us Brits. You can’t beat a traditional Christmas dinner in a local restaurant, treating yourself to a few too many down the pub, or instantly ridding yourself of your Christmas bonus as you hit the clubs with friends.


Air conditioning in Brighton can help to keep it cool


Venues planning to host festive celebrations of all kinds must take into account the needs of their guests for any type of event this season. As you’re sitting in the fancy restaurant you wouldn’t normally splash out on, feeling more stuffed than the turkey as you feast on your roast dinner, the last thing you want is a roaring fire sending you to sleep before the night has even begun.


Ideally, you don’t want to even notice the temperature of the room; it should be so perfectly controlled that you rub your stomach in gastronomic euphoria without feeling like you’re about to explode in the intense heat. Or perhaps you throw your head back laughing after that sip of champagne that has pushed you over the edge into true festive spirit; your cheeks should glow in joyful Christmas merriment, but you want to avoid overheating to the point that you become Rudolph the red-faced reindeer.


Installing air conditioning in your venue this Christmas season could make all the difference between a perfect, chilled-out celebration or a clammy and uncomfortable evening which makes everyone want to dash out into the frost before they’ve even had dessert. Make sure you create the perfect environment that keeps them reluctant to leave this state of festive jubilation; we guarantee it will keep them staying for that ‘one more drink’.


To optimise the atmosphere in your Brighton venue this Christmas, contact Sub-Cool FM. We only install the best in class brands with an unrivalled attention to detail, and can meet all your requirements for installation, breakdowns, emergencies, system assessments and design for air conditioning in Brighton.

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