29 Nov 2017

Maintaining the perfect temperature in your office can boost employee morale and greatly increase efficiency; air conditioning in Brighton could be of remarkable benefit to your business.   It doesn’t come as a great surprise to anyone to hear that the environment of an office has a huge impact on the productivity of those working […]

31 Aug 2017
Sussex Nightclub Air Conditioning
Sussex Nightclub Air Conditioning | A/C Keeps Customers Happy! Sussex Nightclub Air Conditioning The importance of Sussex Nightclub Air Conditioning is clear for both club-goers and club-owners. Nobody wants to be a party pooper, so why do some nightclubs insist on spoiling a night by making their patrons sweat like they're in a sauna? For [...]
31 May 2017
Air conditioning jobs Crawley
We Are Hiring! Air conditioning jobs Crawley - Here at Sub-Cool FM we are recruiting and growing! We are currently redefining the air conditioning sector in the south east of England, and to do so we have some great individuals working at their full potential, however, we need some more! So if you are: -Extensively [...]
12 May 2017
Newborn Baby Air Conditioning Crawley
Newborn Baby Air Conditioning Crawley Newborn Baby Air Conditioning Crawley - Expecting a baby or already have a newborn? Newborn babies sleep up to 16-17 hours a day! Sleep is so vital to your little bundle of joy and also gives you that much-deserved breather to get a nap yourself. With babies sleeping an average [...]
25 Apr 2017
Residential Air conditioning Horsham
Residential Air Conditioning Horsham Residential Air conditioning Horsham - A good night’s sleep is something we all desire, nothing beats that feeling of getting up and feeling fresh ready to start your day. Unfortunately, a lot of British people are joining the “hit snooze club”). With new studies claiming that up to 50% of Britain’s [...]
25 Mar 2017
Heating systems Sussex

How we can help your business – Heating systems Sussex   Are you a business that’s based in Sussex and needs to invest in a new heating system for the winter?   Don’t sit shivering at your computer! Our cost-effective systems can both air-condition and heat your office space. We’re based in Crawley and serve […]

25 Feb 2017
Residential Air Conditioning Crawley
Residential Air Conditioning CrawleyCase StudyClient's Requirements The client booked surveys from several different companies, of which we were the first to attend. It became immediately apparent the high specification required by the client, which involved: • Installing four units controlled by wi-fi/mobile app • Ensuring units were quiet with possibility of motion control • Efficiently-running, [...]